Are Video Games Teaching Violence Essay

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Are Video Games Teaching Violence? One in three adolescent boys plays violent video games, while one in ten girls play them. Also, one fifth of parents that play video games with their children believe it has brought their family closer together. Although those numbers seem very high, as they are, the violence within the game as absolutely no affect on the child playing it. It is thought that the video games would have a strong effect on the many teenagers that play them but video games do not teach adolescents violence. Although many adults seem to think that violent video games are harmful to their children, some studies show that in fact, they could actually be beneficial. Yes, of course violence in video games nowadays is becoming more and more realistic, however, the video games help to keep the adolescents out of harms way. Now, it could be argued that the violence within the game is distressing the child. That may be true; however the violence helps them to realize how the real world truly is. Also, with the help of video games parents would not have to worry about their children going out and doing something they may regret. Video games have absolutely no affect on real world violence. It is ridiculous to think that after playing a violent video game an adolescent will have the urge to go on a neighborhood-shooting spree. Many studies regarding the topic have been executed and show that playing violent video games have absolutely no long term effects. In one particular study in fact, it was shown that playing video games may actually have long term benefits such as problem solving and group work strategies. In another study, children over the age of ten were evaluated and the evidence did not show any long term effects. Also, while the popularity of video games increased the overall crime decreased, the exact opposite of what someone against

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