Are These Toys Safe Enough Essay

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Are these toys safe enough? The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is one of the worlds largest organizations that work on behalf of young children. They do their best to ensure that every toy that is sold in stores are as harmless as possible but at the same time fun . They play a very important role in how toys are sold in stores. Their goal is to make sure that babies and young children do not swallow , cut , or hurt themselves while they play with these toys. Many toys have to go through them before they hit the market legally. There will be a new infant and toddler room in the child care center that I work in. I am conducting research on the best possible toys to bring into this new room for the young ones to play with. I'm going to check on the toys that are recommended by The National Association for the Education of young Children (NAEYC). I am going to look for toys that are not sharp or too small . Sharp toys will hurt the toddlers and small toys are dangerous because they can put those toys in their mouth and swallow them. I will also be looking for toys that help the physical , cognitive , social and emotional development of these young children. I am going to make sure that the toys safe , lightweight , non-toxic , and educational for infants, toddler and preschoolers. After all my research I have conducted a general list of all the toys that I am going to bring into the new infant and toddler room. For children from Birth to 1 year old I will bring Mobiles and safety mirrors,Rattles,Stacking toys,Pop up toys,Picture books,Musical toys, squeeze toys,Infant swings,Teething toys . These toys will amuse them and help with there cognitive development and physical development. For children ages 1 to 3 I will bring Push-pull and ride-on toys,Small tricycles and wagons,Simple puzzles, shape sorters, peg
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