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Are These Phones the Same? ARE THESE PHONES THE SAME? In today’s world smartphones are in several homes, in fact according to, twenty-eight percent of the cell phones owned are smartphones. The smartphone allows the user to not only stay connected with friends and family, but they can also stay connect with the outside world with the use of the internet or email. The most popular smartphone on the market right now is the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has many features from internet to gaming to satisfy the consumers need. Since its inception, the iPhone has had only one cellphone provider and that has been AT&T. However, that all changed 3 February 2011 when Apple began selling its number one smartphone to Verizon. Prior to the release date Verizon only had phones that were similar to that of the iPhone, but never had the exact product. Although the two products are from the same creator, the product itself is capable of doing different things because of the different providers. Each provider is using the strength of their phone to prey on the weakness of the other provider’s phone. Advertising for both companies have been entertaining, but they seem to get their point across and really make it a difficult decision to choose which provider to utilize. The iPhones by each provider side by side look exactly the same, but each provider does something better than the other. offers a side by side comparison of some of the features of the two phones. The price, voice plan, color of the phone, and text plan are exactly the same by both companies. However, the data plan shows the first sign of differences between the two phones. AT&T’s monthly fees are based on the amount of data use the individual uses. For example, the owner of an AT&T phone uses 200 megabytes (MB) of data per month the fee is $15, while 4 gigabytes (GB) of usage

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