Are Steroids Morally Corrupt or Correct? Essay

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Are Steriods Morally Corrupt or Correct? You’re a star on the Major League Baseball team of the Baltimore Orioles who prides himself on never using steroids. Then you fail a urine test. How can this be? You’ve never taken steroids, right? This exact thing happened to Rafael Palmeiro. He told Congress that he had absolutely never used steroids, yet he failed the urine test. So, “he repeated his never-ever statement but inserted a new word: He never intentionally used them.” (Leo) Many athlete’s unknowingly take steroids and when tested positive for drugs, they are astounded. “(Barry) Bonds explained that he took the now famous steroid products ‘the cream’ and ‘the clear’ in the belief that they were flaxseed oil and an arthritis rub. In 1999, Czech tennis player Petr Korda said he had no idea how the steroid nandrolene got into his system, though medical people told the news media that it could enter the body through a large-bore needle. Some people probably believed that this finding tended to rule out the furtive nighttime drugging thesis, since a normally alert person like Korda might have noticed an intruder inserting an enormous needle into his body while he slumbered.” (Leo) Other common ways of people getting steroids into an athlete’s system without his/her knowing is by ‘spiking’ their water or Gatorade. “Canada’s Ben Johnson offered this explanation when he failed his doping test after defeating U.S. athlete Carl Lewis in a famous race at the 1988 Olympics. Pole vaulter Janine Whitlock said something similar after testing positive for steroids at trials for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.” (Leo) Even though there are few who take steroids without being aware of it, there are plenty who are completely aware of what they are taking, how much they are taking, and the risks it causes. “ While it is not surprising that some players use performance enhancing

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