Are Sports Healthy for Children?

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A common question among parents, doctors, coaches, and athletes is whether competitive sports might be unhealthy, sometimes causing premature injuries. This question is a very good question because in some ways it can be good for a person, while in other it can be very detrimental. Some sports can help one become healthier in life while others can actually make one have a shorter life span. The dilemma is, competitive sports have injured, paralyzed, and even caused many deaths. Many kids today look to sports as a way to stay out of trouble. Like doing drugs or causing problems in the society. Others partake in activities because their parents push them to, while others may participate just for fun. These kids need to be taught the risk of playing any sport that may have an effect on their lives in the future. Football, for example, most sports analysis say it is the most competitive sport that is around. Statistics prove more people get hurt more in football than in any sport alone. When kids get into this sport they are not warned of the risks they might be taking. They can get serious brain damage or even die when hitting a person wrong with their helmet. They can even die from the extreme heat. There has been a case when a football player named Darryl Jones, who played for 15 years in the NFL (National Football league), was carried off the field, paralyzed from the waist down because someone speared him in the back with his helmet. There was also a case in Daytona where to men collided helmet to helmet and one was pronounced dead on the field. Another way one might view the sport as unhealthy is when parents don’t monitor their own behavior. Pick up any local newspaper across the country and one can read of so-called "sideline rage" episodes where parents have gone ballistic, physically and verbally attacking other parents, coaches, umpires, and even
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