Are Models Too Thin?

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These days models are too thin. When little kids or teenagers watch women on catwalks or fashion shows, children get the impression that, that’s how they need to look; it gives a false sense of image. I think that models are bad role models. It can get kids to have eating disorders that would go as far as children dying because of this. Models themselves have several eating disorders and are under threat from unhealthy lifestyles and diets. In my opinion models are bad role models; it gives children a false sense of image. Children get the wrong idea that they have to be skinny and anorexic and that they would have to look like this to be accepted into society. There are many women and girls out there who look up to models. To look like this they think they need to go on diets, some diets that cause them to have eating disorders and may lead to death. Do you really want your child to be exposed to watching these models? If you think models are perfect and have it all, then you’re wrong. Even models themselves need to be on diets. Models aren’t perfect. They are on diets too. Some diets that consist of less then one meal per day. Models have a number of eating disorders. Many have disorders like bulimia, where when they eat they are forced to throw it back up, which is very bad for you. If you keep throwing up, eventually your body would do it automatically and you won’t be able to actually keep any food down and eventually you would just die. Almost all models are anorexic, that’s when they don’t eat at all, and they are close to death. Who would want to look like this? What is wrong with society? Models that compete in modelling competitions work really hard and try to starve themselves to look a certain way. Its not easy becoming a model, they are very strict on how you have to look, you have to give up eating and risk potential health problems and in
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