Are military recruiters going too far? Essay

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Running head: ARE MILITARY RECRUITERS Are Military Recruiters going too far? Name ABC University Are Military Recruiters going too far? Introduction The media is broadcasting how many young lives were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan on a nightly basis. Many parents of teenage children do not want to expose their children to the possibility of being one of those causalities. Parents are using extreme measures to protect their children from having to go to war. Are military recruiters using any means possible to still fulfill the requirements of our nation’s fighting forces? Sally Ferrell thinks they are (Weiss, 2008). Accusations Sally Ferrell is a Quaker that believes there is no need for war. She and others like her have spent years preaching that recruiters “target high schools in rural and poor neighborhoods where options for graduating students are often limited” (Weiss, 2008). Most students in these areas can only look forward to jobs in fast food restaurants, factories, or retail stores. Recruiters have an easier time recruiting in these areas by offering enlistment bonuses, money for college, and training in a skill of their choosing (Weiss, 2008). When anyone joins the military in this country, it is purely voluntary. But the "exaggerated promises of financial rewards for enlistment, undermines the voluntariness of their enlistment“(Lobe, 2008). But they do not stop there. The Pentagon has taken extra steps to attempt to recruit youths under the age of 18 by the use of the military training corps, contact information from high schools, and keeping a database of students’ personal information. The Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps programs in high schools have students as young as 14 years old enrolled. These young students must wear military uniforms one day a week for inspection. They are

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