Are Married People Happier?

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One may ask, “Do I have to get married to achieve the American Dream?” I would answer, “No, of course not, but you should do it anyways.” In theory, people who get married live happier lives than people who don’t. But how accurate is this theory? A survey was released to find out, and with the answers turned in, the results have been looked over. The survey was split into two surveys, one for people who are married, and one for people who aren’t. The questions on each relate to how happy people are being married or not being married, as well as past-marriages they may have been in. A total of 30 people were surveyed, 15 being married and 15 not married. They were released in a wide-spread manner, as to get various results. For example, I went to a pancake-breakfast, and while there, passed out some surveys for people to fill out. For people who are married, the questions focused around what’s it’s like for them to be married. Most people surveyed have been married for a long time, and most only once. Most would agree that their life got a lot better after marriage, and they do enjoy it. Most would also say that they do think marriage is important. For people who are not married, the questions focused around how they like not being married and would they rather be married. There’s a good balance of people who want to be married versus those who don’t, most of which did plan on getting married when they were younger. Three times as many people haven’t been married before as people who have been married at all. Those who have all said it ended with a divorce. The majority said that they are quite happy not being married, and the results for how much happier would they be if they got married are spread. Most said that they would get married if they got the chance, and that it is important. So is it true that people who are married are happier than people who
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