Are Humans Inherently Violent

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Does violence come inherently with humans when they are born? Is there any gene, hormone or natural stimulus that makes humans to be violent or is violence a learned behaviour? These are questions that have been asked over the years for many case studies and found contradictory answers. While Psychologists from the 20 century such as Sigmund Freud believed that humans were born genetically violent or the Italian Physician Cesare Lombroso who claimed that “Sloping foreheads, jutting chins and long arms were signs of born criminals" (kohn), 21st century Scientists and case studies have concluded that because humans are creatures of learning imitation, people learn to be violent from the environment they find themselves, starting from their childhood experiences, as well as external events and situations that bring hostile ideas to mind such as television, video games, music or wars. The unproven theory stated by Sigmund Freud that human is innate violent has become an excuse for wars, crimes and injustice in the world. Sigmund Freud and the animal researcher Konrad Lorenz stated that “We have within us, naturally and spontaneous reservoir of aggressive energy, this force, which builds by itself, must be periodically drained off- by participating in competitive sports" (kohn ). Are not we pushing ourselves to be violent in our intent of "drain off our energy" by practicing competitive sports "aggressive sports" such as football or boxing where physical force is the primary ingredient for winning the game? Scientifics, Psychologists, Anthropologist and Sociologist have taken the responsibility to disprove Sigmund Freud’s theory. Freud believed that aggression in humans is a result of a very strong death wish. He believed that all humans possessed this wish, which is first targeted at self destruction but soon it gets focused on others. Against this theory,
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