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Are Human's Becoming to Dependent on Machines? Essay

  • Submitted by: arthurthessay10
  • on September 22, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Are Human's Becoming to Dependent on Machines?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Section 2: Composition
Should we allow ourselves to depend on machines and gadgets?

For almost half a century, mankind has been supposedly blessed by the creations of the digital age. With inventions like the computer, television and cell phone used by billions around the globe, the Modern World has offered nothing less than pure convenience. But are these new-fangled machines just as reliant as they seem? Or have we just become to too dependent on them?
You have probably heard your parents comment upon the desultory standard of today’s children, and often compare them to the seemingly much more hard-working youngsters of their time. This is quite true. While few would sit around in the house doing nothing, most would go outside to exercise or just get some fresh air. Nowadays, digital screens alike have prompted us to congregate back inside, and this is a huge problem. In the Modern World a large number of people are either obese, short-sighted, unable to do necessary chores, or all three.
The logic and common sense of society is deteriorating, and this is because of one main reason. As technology advances, we have used them to do the jobs we used to do. And because of this, by generation our knowledge of common chores declines. We are unable to do necessary activities because the machines do it all for us. There is a difference between a better life and an easier life. That is a very good point futurists should look to.
Most people have noticed how most people, including themselves, cannot stay away from their phone or laptop And that is not even mentioning the hype surrounding the iPhone. Or the Kindle. I cannot comprehend the excitement of e-books. They may be cheaper and prove a less worrisome way to read, but without the touch of paper and turning pages, the words ‘read’ and ‘book’ should have nothing to do with each other.
Just because technology is advancing so much doesn’t mean we should just sit doing nothing like disabled citizens. What are the...

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