Are Gay People Born Gay Essay

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Article Critique How does air pollution affect our environment? By: Ned Haluzan (Air Pollution) November 10, 2009 In reading the article on air pollution my finding is that it is a major concern in our environment. The different kind on harmful chemicals and gases that pollute our air quality can cause health problems. Not only does air pollution hurts our health but it causes problems with our ozone layer, making it thinner which can cause harmful ultraviolet rays. The Ned gave a few solutions that might help the environment. He reference ways to help air pollution by using much less our cars than we used them now, or if we are really dependable upon them we should buy hybrid cars that release significantly less polluting particles compared to traditional cars and make our industries more green, and green in this case means using renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal energy instead of highly polluting fossil fuels like coal and oil. Yes, this can help our environment but we will need to do more than just that, our everyday life would need to change. Do I feel he was basis? A little because everyone cannot afford to buy new cars and it will take a lot to try and use some of the energy source he gave. There were related articles that talks about air pollution and Ned did reference them. My grade on the article would be an A- only because of the shortness of the
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