Are Games Important For a Student. Essay

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Are games important for a student? Extracurricular activities like societies, uniform bodies and games are held in schools to encourage students to take part in these healthy activities. In fact, it is compulsory for every students to be a member of at least one society and one uniform body as well as participate in a game of their choice. Many games are available in schools such as football, badminton, hockey, basketball, tennis and netball. Games play an important role in schools and it is essential that parents realize that their children are not going to school for education only. Reading and writing alone is not enough for a student to get a complete education. Physical activities in the form of games are also necessary. There is a saying that says’all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy.’ It means that it would be boring for a student to be with his books all the time. He or she should also be involved in other activities like games. Playing games is not a waste of time or money. Some parents complain that their children have to stay back at school and this costs extra pocket money. They also argue that the time can be used for doing homework. These people probably never do any physical activities themselves because they do not know the benefits of physical activities. Games can make us active and healthy. A student needs to relax after a long and tiring day at school. By kicking the ball around or hitting the shuttlecock, they are exercising their bodies with a relaxed mind, away from the classroom. After a game and a warm bath, they would definitely fell refreshed and can study better. Exercise promotes blood circulation and also helps us to get rid of excess fat besides toning our muscles. It ensures a healthy body that is more resistant to diseases. Besides making us physically fit, games can also build up our character. When we interact with other
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