Are Ethics Always Supported by Reasons?

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Are ethics supported by reason always? Ppt(5) Support it with a real life situation(5) and form a knowledge question(5) overall impression (5) Ethics are not necessarily supported by reason. It always depends on the person and the situation they are in. It’s merely based on the perspective. Some people only base their actions when it is reasonable and logical while others take their decisions only based on emotions. There might be others who base their decisions on reasonability and well as emotional connections. There can be no definite answer to the question since people all over the world are different and no generalization can be made. In real life, we actually have experienced situations which can support the above statement. When someone goes to a restaurant and orders a lot of food, there is a huge possibility that some of the food will be left. Now, the person has two options: to leave the food on the plate and waste it or get it packed and actually give it to someone who needs the food. Getting the food packed would be reasonably and emotionally ethical since it is logical. It exhibits the quality of an emotional and a thoughtful human being since they share the extra things they have rather than wasting it. There are two friends – A and B. A is about to get molested and she has no one to help because she fought with her friend earlier and her new friends have ditched her because of being cowards. The person who was about to molest her is about to, when her friend B comes and shoots him. Now the ethical question is that, is it emotional ethical for her to have shot the guy because she was saving her friends life or a reasonably ethical because he was a criminal and it seemed the best possible thing to do that time. MALIIKAA. So add something and send it to me! We need to work on

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