Are Cellphones Safe to Use?

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Ariga Tahmasian Tahmasian 1 ENG 101 Instructor: Dr. Sowby 06 Jun. 2014 The Dangers of Cellphone Usage: Are Cellphones Safe to Use? If someone walks down the street or in a shopping store and looks around, it is more than likely the person will see people using cellphones everywhere. Cellphones have become an everyday need for almost everyone. They are more advanced than ever. They do just about everything. There are ones that play music, game, take pictures, and even surf the web. But are cellphones safe to use in our everyday lives? Many critiques believe that cellphones are becoming increasingly dangerous, hundreds of car crashes occur daily from cellphone usage, and many believe that cellphones can be linked to cancer and other illnesses. Hundreds of car crashes occur every day because of cellphone usage. The author Louis Francescutti in the article titled, “CAEP Position Statement on Cellphone Use While Driving” believes that cellphones are a safety hazard and a major distraction while driving. Francescutti notes that consequences of car crashes are devastating to families and all who witness the outcome; she believes car crashes caused by cellphone usage are completely preventable and causes needless injuries. Since cellphone came out in the 80’s the number of people using cellphones has “increased by approximately 40% …85% of cellphone users admitted to using their phone while driving”(Francescutti 366).She mentions that cellphones and other electronic devices are suggested to be responsible for “25% to 30%” of all crashes and says that research in
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