Why Is Mobile Phone Necessary In Teenagers Lives

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Are cell phones necessary in teenagers’ lives? Cell phones; a necessity in everyday life, but do teenagers really need them? Of course they do. Everywhere you go, all you see are teens with their phones, what would the world be without that? Cell phones are a necessity to teens everywhere because they allow easy communication between their friends and family, cell phones can be used to catch up on work missed in school, and finally they can be used in emergencies. First of all, cell phones allow teen to communicate with their friends and family fairly easily. I mean this is the twenty first century after all, you don’t see very many people sending letters or emails as much as earlier in time because new devices like cell phones allow for easier and faster communication, so of course teens need them. Let say, for example, you make some plans with your friends to show up wearing pajamas to school on Monday. Your friends change their minds and you come to…show more content…
Many things can fall under the emergency category including 911 calls, calling your parents to pick you up from a party, or even calling them to let them know how you’re doing. For example, you were partying with your friends and one of them pulls out something like drugs or alcohol, you don’t really want to be around that, so you call your parents and they come pick you up. Or if you’re at a late party and it’s two in the morning, you can call your parents or cab to get you home safely. Okay, not all teenagers go to parties, but there could be a time when you need to call 911 and you never know when or if this will happen. For example, an elderly lady is having a heart attack in the middle of the street, or you get into some trouble like you’re getting raped or assaulted. In these situations you can really use a phone, but house phones won’t work because you aren’t inside a home, that’s why teens need cell phones. After all, better be safe than

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