Are Bacteria Prokaryotic or Eukaryotic Essay

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1. Are Bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Prokaryotic because they lack a nucleus/nuclear membrane and membrane-bound organelle. 2. Describe the three common shapes of bacteria. Spherical, which are called cocci, e.g. staphylococcus Cylinder or rod-shaped, which are called bacilli, e.g. bacillus anthracis Spiral or corkscrew shaped, which are called spirilla, e.g. sulfurospirillum 3. Are Bacteria heterotrophic or autotrophic? Both! Some bacteria (like eubacteria) photosynthesize, while others are most definitely heterotrophic. 4. Do Bacteria cells have a cell wall? Yes, bacteria have cell walls made out of peptidoglycan. 5. How do bacteria reproduce? by binary fission. In this process the bacterium, which is a single cell, divides into two identical daughter cells. Binary fission begins when the DNA of the bacterium divides into two (replicates). 6. Are Archaea prokaryotic or eukaryotic? archaea are always unicellular microorganisms, there could be some quorum sensing present that may help them have some multicellular organism properties, but in essence they are unicellular. Now archaea are archaea, they can´t be prokaryotic or eukaryotic since all 3 are different kingdoms, the highest taxonomical level. evolutionary speaking, they are closer to prokaryotic microorganisms. 7. Do Archaea cells have a cell wall? Yes. Cellulose in plants, chitin in fungi. 8. Describe the three major types of Archaea. the crenarchaeota (kren-are-key-oh-ta), which are characterized by their ability to tolerate extremes in temperature and acidity. The euryarchaeota (you-ree-are-key-oh-ta), which include methane-producers and salt-lovers; and the korarchaeota (core-are-key-oh-ta), a catch-all group for archaeans 9. Are Protists prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Protists are eukaryotes rather than prokaryotes. eukaryotes are organisms that have cells that

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