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Are Americans Becaming Too Dependent on Computers? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Are Americans Becaming Too Dependent on Computers?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Nowadays Americans are becoming too dependent on computers.   They can’t do almost anything without them. Moreover, this is a problem for American society, because   it’s really impossible to image a modern world without any source of technology, even little children are familiar with them. Furthermore, this is a new illness of new generation that has a negative impact on human health as well as on other aspects of daily life.
Firstly, computers help people and make their live easier and work more productive. That’s why a lot of Americans can not do anything without laptop. Moreover, every sphere of human life such as business, education, economics, science, politics depends on computers as well. For example, every organization rely on computers, they keep all database there, including all necessary information for productive work. That’s why, the job is failed if something goes wrong with the computer.   More and more people are working in the Internet.   It helps to find a job and have a stable income. The use of computers makes it happen to work and earn money all around the world. A modern business environment can’t be imagine without computers.
Secondly, computer is a modern drug for young Americans. They transform their social life into the Internet. Moreover, teens prefer sitting in front of computer instead of spending time with family and friends or just going out. Due to research from the American Heart Association, young Americans spend an average of 20 hours per week using computer. They are wasting a lot of time   commenting or   ‚liking‘ photos.   A good example that shows this dependence was Hurricane Sandy when the power went down more than for week. I don’t think Americans realized how much they used technology before hurricane, but after Sandy they had to accept this truth.   People said they had been bored and had felt lost without Internet. Americans’ daily life is tightly connected with computers, it’s a ‚must have‘ and represents a lifestyle....

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