Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Essay

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ANWR: To Drill or not to Drill? Personally, I enjoy driving. I believe I can speak for most citizens of the United States of America when I say that driving is a favorite freedom and privilege. The problem with this is that it gets pricy, and for some less fortunate people gas prices are just too high. The main reason that prices are so high is that it foreign oil is extremely costly to secure and to maintain. While there has been research to find alternate sources of energy, people have been turning the other cheek on something right below their nose. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is said to hold immense amounts of oil that we would not have to import. With rising gas prices and turmoil in the Middle East it is a must that ANWR be looked at and opened up as a source of relief. Most people don't really understand where the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is located and the relatively tiny amount of space within ANWR, (the Coastal Plain), that's been set aside for potential oil and gas development. ANWR lies in the top northeast corner of Alaska. The entire refuge lies north of the Arctic Circle and 1,300 miles south of the North Pole. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was originally…show more content…
Alaska's indigenous people have benefited greatly from North Slope production. In addition to providing a tax base for the local government, oil development has provided jobs, funding for water and sewer systems and schools. Native and village corporations with oil field-related subsidiaries are working on the North Slope, and the local government has a voice in permitting and environmental regulation. It has given them access to running water and the ability to install appropriate health care facilities within their villages. Inhabitants of the North Slope have been able to move away from welfare and towards

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