Arctic Drift Character Analysis Essay

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Bishop 1 The Façade of an Industrialist In the novel Arctic Drift, Clive Cussler tells a story packed full of action and corruption based around the greed of an industrialist and the lengths people will go to stop the degradation of the environment. While on the topic of greedy industrialists Mitchell Goyette is, without a doubt, the antagonist of this books plot. This maniacal character is at the center of almost every dastardly deed that presents itself in the story line. Not only does he exacerbate the global warming problem but he also bribes high ranking officials in the Canadian government and has a personal hit man that steals, destroys, and eliminates opposition through assassination. Mitchell Goyette is the personification of the broad spectrum of greed induced corruption that is devastating to mankind and the entire planet. In his entry to the story Goyette was gluttonously drinking Krug Clos du Mesnil, a campaign that averages $1,026 for a bottle from 1998, out of a crystal flute with a “smug look of satisfaction (70).” To the public Goyette is a representation of an environmental hero who invests on carbon sequestration plants and wind power. Who he really is, is a Canadian energy tycoon who made his billion through using the façade of green technology to undermine America. While speaking with the prime minister of Canada about obtaining the approvals to expand his CO2 refineries, he was quick to imply that “if the government just gives me the go-ahead [they can receive] a cut off the top (75)” and that extra space could be built into the facilities so that, for a nice profit, American and Chinese carbon could be buried there as well. Bishop 2 That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Goyettes power of persuasion, lack of business ethic, and bribery. Toward the end of the book, when all the corruption of Goyettes industries
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