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Architectural Styles Project Neoclassical architecture is a style of architecture which is inspired by the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. If you look closely at a Neoclassical building, you will see many elements that you would see on the Parthenon in Athens or the Pantheon in Rome. Neoclassical buildings exhibit features of symmetrical shape, tall columns that span the full height of the building, triangular pediments, and domed roofs. Not all Neoclassical buildings have these features, but they are very common. It is called neoclassical architecture, because it is neo, or new age, buildings that use ideas and styles from the classics. This was primarily an architectural movement in the United States, during and following the American Revolution. It was promoted by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. It had such an influence in America that the US Capitol, Supreme Court, and White House buildings all draw on Neo-classicalism. One of the most famous Neoclassical buildings in the U.S. Is Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's long worked on and respected home. The word Neoclassical is commonly used to describe an architectural style, but Neoclassicism is not actually any one style. Neoclassicism is a trend that can incorporate a variety of styles. It has four main stages or types. These were, the Greek Revival, stately, pillared homes which became popular in the United States during the 1800s, Federalist styles, A Federalist building does not always have pillars, but always incorporates symmetry and decorative details which are classically inspired, Antebellum Architecture, most being plantation homes built before America's Civil War which were often inspired by classical architecture, lastly is Beaux Arts Architecture, which, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, combined ancient Greek and Roman ideas with balustrades, balconies, and lavish

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