Architecture and the Environment Paper

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Architecture and the Environment Paper The Environment and its inhabitants cannot be explained separately both shape each other and is shaped by the environment. There are different kinds of environments that need different kinds of behavioral workings that are sensory input, internal representations that change the structure of the earth for who people live there. To understand the interactions of the physical world and behavior, then, we must consider the two in an intertwined fashion (Todd & Wilson, 1993). Effect of Physical Structure on Human Behavior Architectural design always played a significant aspect in ones comfort and health. It is a different form of art surrounding one every day. Unfortunately, for years, it has not been considered this way and its benefits have not been recognized. However with the increasing research and interest in environmental conditions, greater interest in healthier living and the involvement of environmental psychology, the importance of architecture is finally being acknowledged for what it is. Today research is aware of the benefits and downsides that can come from physical structures. A person well-being and health is associated with structural design. One’s mood and productivity are related to the kind of architecture by which one is surrounded. The amount and size of windows in a room, openness, shape, form and size of a room, the type and amount of light, specific colors, air quality, noise, and toxic materials implemented in buildings have been related to the specific outcome of behaviors and certain health-related issues (Architecture and Health, 2007). Small size rooms, no windows, dull dark rooms and wrong kind of lighting is connected with mood swings, headaches, lack of motivation and stress (Duncan, 1981). When understanding how very important structural design is the goal to create buildings that fit the

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