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INTRODUCTION If we look around us today, we would notice a wide variety of styles of architecture. Such variety has always existed. The modern houses and buildings contrast with building and dwellings of only one generation ago. A building, whatever it may be, must be measured by the standards of its own period rather than ours. We shall take a look at various types of buildings as they have evolved through history. (Modular Activities in HUMANITIES) Organizational Architecture is "a theory of the firm, or multiple firms, which integrates the human activities and capital resource utilization within a structure of task allocation and coordination to achieve desired outcomes and performance for both the short run and the strategic long run. Today's complex, dynamic, and highly interconnected global economy has made the ability to design and redesign organizations critically important. Despite the increasing importance and relevance of organizational design, organizational theorists have tended to focus on descriptive and explanatory organization theories rather than theories of design and change which predict and prescribe. By not focusing sufficiently on prediction and prescription, the field of organization theory and behavior has failed to deliver insights that can inform practice and guide change for desired outcomes and performance. ( The goal of organizational architecture is to create an organization which will be able to continuously create value for present and future customers, optimizing and organizing it. Some under organizational architecture understand building blocks which are mandatory for the growth of the organization. To design an organization means to set up a stage where the drama of life will take place. ( EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE

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