Architectural Business Essay

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1.List a minimum of ten types of letters you can write in each of the following stages (110) i. Inception stage. - To client if asked to tender for fees. - To client setting out terms of services. - To client requesting payment in advance. - To client regarding other Architects engaged in the work. - To client if asked to sign a warranty. - To client if Architect wishes to engage Consultants. - To consultants seeking indemnity. - To client regarding list of firms to supply. - To client regarding lists of firms to design and supply/execute. - To client if a relatively new material or process is proposed. - To client, suggesting the use of a supplier or sub-contractor in a design capacity. - To client, if consultants agreements are complex. - To client, if former architect notifies some problem. - To other architect, regarding former engagement. ii. Feasibility stage - To client before carrying out site survey. - To client if requested to help in boundary negotiations. - To electricity supplier requesting preliminary information. - To water supplier requesting preliminary information. - To client regarding fees for applications. - To client seeking information/clients’ requirements. - To client enclosing feasibility report. - To client enclosing fee account. - To client if fees are late. - To client if fees are late legal action threatened. - To members of the design team, arranging meeting. - To geotechnical specialists enquiring about soil survey. - To drainage authority requesting preliminary information. - To planning authority requesting outline approval. iii. Outline proposal - To client if amenity society write with objections. - To amenity society if they write with objections. - To client regarding contract to be used. - To client regarding the content of employers requirements. - To client regarding type of contract
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