Archetypes In Fifth Business

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The novel Fifth Business has been written in such a manner by Robertson Davies that it represents every archetype in a unique manner. Dunstan Ramsay as the hero, Boy Staunton as the villain and Mary Dempster being the mentor or guardian are the respective archetypal characters. The archetypes of the hero, villain and guardian have been effectively illustrated in the novel, Fifth Business. Dunstan Ramsay is recognized as the hero in Fifth Business, who was a kind, caring and a soft-hearted boy born in the village of Deptford. Throughout the novel, he accepts the responsibility of other people’s problems. Since the snowball incident, Dunstan suffered from guilt and became preoccupied by worrying about Mary Dempster and her son…show more content…
She was the wife of a Baptist named, Amasa Dempster, and had a son named Paul. She was known as a really simple and a harmless woman in the village since the incident with the vagrant. Although her character remained the same, but the villagers changed their opinion about her and started disliking her. However, Dunstan still considered her to be a friend of his. On the day when Dunstan’s brother, Willie, got sick and Dunstan believed that he had died, he reached Mary instead of the doctor to get help. Miraculously, her prayers brought Willie back to life again and Dunstan was shocked to see that happen, although everybody else did not believe that she could do such a thing. Not long after, Dunstan really came to know that Mary Dempster had supernatural powers. This happened when Dunstan was in agonizing pain in the battlefield and thought that death was near for him. He was lying in a ruined church when he discovered a statue of a Madonna and a child which resembled Mary Dempster’s face. When he found himself alive in the hospital, he believed that it was her second miracle. Since then his belief in Mary grew stronger. He came to know of her third miracle when he met with the same vagrant who was found in the pit with her. His name was Joel Surgeoner and he was the head of the Lifeline Mission in Toronto which provided food and shelter for the poor and destitute people. Dunstan was amazed to see what that vagrant had become since the last time he saw him. Surgeoner had turned into a completely different man who had a strong faith in God and had dedicated his life to help people who were homeless and needy. When Dunstan mentioned that incident to him, he did not deny it. Instead, Surgeoner replied to him, “God has worked through that woman, and she is a blessed saint, for what she did for me – I mean it as I say it – was a miracle.” (Davies
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