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Archetype Characters Essay Before even starting you have to know how to use it. An archetype can be anything like a place, person or even events in a story or in history of people. The archetypes have been used for ages in English Literature, plays and art. Somethings that have even happened in real life can be an archetype for someone writing a piece of history. Perhaps lets say a surprising event can reoccur in an author’s story, but they can use another time period. The archetype is critical in literature because, they describe the character and tells us why he or she acts that manner. It is universal theme in literature. It can make two otherwise opposite stories become, very similar. They give meaning to the change of characters of a certain turn of events. A couple of examples of these characters would have to be Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Aeneid . The meaning of archetypes is the original pattern from which all things from the same kind are the same. The definition of archetypes in literature and modern media are important to the audience because, it shows people what the real meaning of archetypes are if it was a symbol, place or a character in a tale. In Star wars Darth Vader is Tragic Anti-hero. He is often misguided and let his emotions guide him. And they often times lead into his own demise. Another example in this story would be Darth Sithis. He is more of a trickster type of character. He tricks Anakin Skywalker into believing that if he learned the dark side; he would be able to save his loved ones. But instead he destroyed them. On top of that he made the republic turn in an empire. The Lord of the Rings one of the archetypal characters would have to be Sauron. He was the ruler type of archetypal character. He is always wanting power and control. He fears Frodo who can easily destroy the ring. The trickster in this story I

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