Archetype Essay

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Archetype Essay Archetypes provide a familiar and useful building block for authors and readers alike to use in the creation and understanding of characters. The value of these archetypes are often questioned. As well as whether or not archetypes help introduce new characters and plots. And the originality of them are also frequently disputed. However through all that they still have a huge purpose. Archetypes have immense purpose in all forms of literature. They are often used as a building block for authors to develop characters off of. Authors use archetypes for the same reason a carpenter builds a house from the ground up. Archetypes also provide a chance for readers to “connect” to characters as they will often share certain traits. And when a reader can relate to the people that they are hearing about, it makes for a much better experience. Story’s including archetypes usually have great structuring and are very simple when they are dissected. Although an archetypes value and purpose cant be questioned , the same cant be said about whether or not they allow for new plots. Everyone will have a different opinion on new plots and characters following archetypes, but the truth remains that its all in the hands of the writer and in the perspective of the reader. An author could write a completely new story with a completely new plot and characters, but depending on who is reading it and what they have experienced previously, they could be able to see a familiarity in this seemingly “new” story. However archetypes aren’t to blame for that, it would happen either way. But if an author is deadset on following an archetype to the tee(like some are) then their work will be restricted and never evolve to an original story. For present books to become “fresh” they need to follow a new archetype, an original archetype, but is that possible? I cant say whether of

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