Araminta Ross: The Most Important Abolitionists And Underground Railroad

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Araminta Ross, or, as most people know her as, Harriet Tubman, was one of the most important abolitionists and Underground Railroad “conductors.” She was born to two slaves in Maryland on a plantation. By the time she was 6, she was being put to work as a house servant. She did this until she was 13, at which point she was sent to work in the fields. In her early 20s, she married a free black man, John Tubman, and changed her name to match her mother’s. She was always known to put herself in harm’s way for others. When she was in her teens, Harriet defended another worker from an angry overseer. In doing so, she got hit with a weight that would cause sleeping spells throughout her life. In the late 1840s, in fear of being sold, she decided to run away from the plantation in search of somewhere she would be free.…show more content…
She had successfully escaped, and had acquired a job, but she decided that she had to go back to free her family. After the first two trips back, she had already retrieved her brother, sister, and her sister’s children. In a later trip, she was able to free her 70 year old parents. Tubman made a total of 19 trips back into the south, and brought back slaves with each one. She used creative tactics in order to ensure a successful escape every time. For example, she would leave so the missing slaves couldn’t be reported for a while, bring a drug to quiet crying children, and bring a gun to motivate the escapees, saying, “You’ll be free, or you’ll die.” Harriet Tubman rescued around 300 slaves across all of her trips, and never did she have an escapee not make it to free

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