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No Room For Love In Dublin In Araby, the main character faces rejection on love and reality. Although, there is a significant meaning behind the rejections. The main character lives in a neighborhood and home that is always dreary and dark. This will set off the dark mood the story is going to take place in. Later, the boy notices a girl he starts to grow feelings for and then starts to think she will complete him. She is Mangan's sister, throughout the story she will play as the boy's happiness and hope he wishes to fulfill. When they finally get to talk to each other, Mangan's sister makes the boy think they'll have a chance to be together if he were to get her a gift from the bazaar. Not only does she now give meaning to his life, but he can only think of little but the girl. When the boy is able to go to the bazaar, he looks down a black hallway which represents what the boy feels – dark and disappointed. This also shows that what ever the boy wishes to have are incapable of having due to all his surroundings, living in a poor and dark neighborhood. James Joyce uses symbolism and imagery to display the paralysis the main character goes through as metaphors because they relate to the theme and will help the readers have a better understanding of the story. The story begins with a detailed picture of the setting, Dublin being poor and the young boy living on a deadend street. The author states, "We walk through the flaring street, jostled by drunken men and bargaining women..." (Joyce, 2) The quote gives us an image on what type of enviornment the boy lives in because it impacts on the meaning of the theme, poverty and paralysis. The drunken men and bargaining women represent what the boy could become in the future, although the boy does not notice any of these clues to paralysis because of the thought of Mangan's sister which eases his mind and also because

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