Arabian Nights Essay

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HOW DOES THE WRITER INTEREST THE READER IN THE STORY “ARABIAN NIGHTS”? I would like to start this off by saying, like any story, movie, series etc, you need characters to keep the reader/watcher entertained. If you do not create interesting characters plotted with interesting storylines the person reading/watching will turn off, whereas if you succeed in keeping the reader/watcher entertained they will definitely be hooked based on the suspense of the characters, although the storyline has a role to play as well. In the case of “Arabian Nights” the author has placed each character with a story or purpose to keep us interested. Lets start off with Scheherazade; In this story Scheherazade acts as a heroin. She is young and beautiful, she is courageous, and above all else she is extremely intelligent. Scheherazade automatically becomes a dear character to us as she is the beautiful, good solution to the horrific danger, and like any danger or trouble it needs to be solved. An interesting fact is, throughout the whole story not a bad word Is said about her, giving off an effect of a human nearly accomplishing perfection. She is also the daughter of the grand vizor, who is the executioner of young virgins, however this comes into play with her plan as she has easy access to the sultan to accomplish her desire. Her desire is revealed when she asks her Father if she could give herself to the sultan. She asks her Father for permission persistently until her Father ultimately gives in. At this point all the reader knows is she has a plan to somehow persuade the sultan not to sacrifice any other virgins, we do not know how she will do this leaving us in suspense and the need/desire to find out. At the end all is revealed when her plan was to keep herself alive by reading storys to the sultan. Every night the sultan would want to hear another story but she convinced him

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