Arabian Horses Essay

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???Arabian Horses??? Arabian horses have been around since the late 1700’s. They are so fascinating because they can be so wild, but so tame if you work with them. But that is not what I am going to be talking about. So what are some of the colors of these fascinating creatures? Well keep reading and you will soon find out all of the colors that are around and have been around for many, many years now. So let’s take a journey in our minds. There can be a lot of different colors, so let’s get started on the largest color group. It is called “White and Gray.” Really there is just white but we call some of them gray because some of them have black skin under their white coats, but most of them don’t have black skin under white coats. It has been called the “bloody-shoulder” witch is a flea-bitten gray. There are few registered as “white” and have a white coat, pink skin and dark eyes from birth. The next major group is the Sabino. They have a one spotted pattern, but this does not exist in purebred Arabians. This produces white spots above the knees and hocks, irregular spotting on the belly, face, and legs. White markings that extend beyond the eyes or under the chin or jaw, and occasionally, roaning. This type is very rare in Arabian Horses. There is another rare type it is called the Roan. Very, very few Arabians are registered as roan. They think that it is also called Rabicano, but that is when there is just a little roan pattern on these fascinating horses. There is a type of geneticists that roaning on purebred Arabians is actually the action of Rabicano. Comparing this to the gray is so hard because as a young foul the grays, as they get older, they lighten up, but the roan does not necessary that it lightens up with age. That was just the colors in purebred Arabians. Know I will tell you about the colors that are not in purebreds. There are

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