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Arab Spring vs. French Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: Jeff200
  • on May 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Jeff Wiemold
French Revolution vs. Arab Spring

The French revolution was from 1789-1799. There was social unrest, rioting, and rebellion all over the country, mostly because the economy wasn't growing fast and there were no opportunities for social advancement. During this era there was nobility with kings, queens and land owners being the high class people and the "peasants", the people who weren't wealthy and the workers being the lower class. Both growing to resent each other more and more as time went on, eventually creating a class war.
The nature of the French revolution was to break class barriers, so everybody could be treated the same and pay the same taxes no matter what class they were in, high or low. During the ten years of the Revolution, France eliminated the old regime and replaced it with a series of different governments. Even though none of these governments were long lasting, each one acted towards altering France’s political system. The thing that led to change within classes and government were the drafting of several bills of rights and constitutions, experiments with representative democracy, the incorporation of the church into the state, and the reconstruction of state administration and the law code with much of it being modeled after the recently established constitution of the United States. Much of Europe was afraid that the ideology of the French would spread to other countries because they knew similar problems were occurring. This is drastically similar to the situation in the Middle East where the Arab Spring has spread to multiple countries.
The ongoing Arab spring has changed the Arabian world and way of life almost entirely. A young unemployed Tunisian man set himself on fire, a year ago. He did this after the officials stopped his attempts at making the only money he could get, selling fruit on the street. He had no idea what profound impact his act would have on the world.   Some mark his act as the...

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