Arab Muslim Civilization Stereotypes

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Arab Muslim Civilization Stereotypes This world is filled with a variety of cultures, beliefs, and religions; everyone has differing views on the morality of life. Unfortunately people often do not respect and embrace the differences they have with others. This lack of acceptance has led to discrimination, stereotyping, and even war. After many incidents that affected the world; Arabs started being criticized by many people. People around the world are and have been for many years stereotyping 1/5 of the world’s population. What is worse is that these misconceptions have caused many people to have a completely altered, bias, and untrue perception of the Arab Muslim civilization. There are several contributing factors associated with these totally obscure, untrue fallacies including media biases, religious ethnocentrism, and the theory of geographic isolation. After a string of incidents took place around the world many peoples perception of the ‘Arab world’ was changed, and ultimately skewed. Moreover, the media contributed to, and continues to play a large role in the stereotyping of the Arab Muslim civilization. This type of behavior goes beyond distorted news broadcastings and into many movies, television shows, magazines, and websites. Often the media portrays the Arabic Muslim civilization as uneducated, close-minded, uncivilized barbaric extremist, and terrorist. The media can be largely to blame for the blasphemy placed on entire civilization based on a few individuals. Many people around the world in different cultures have grown to be ignorant and have allowed themselves to be heavily influenced by the media. Thus judging Arabs by the things they hear or see from the media without knowing the truth, knowing someone from the Arabic culture, or visiting the countries of Arab and Muslim majorities. Harsh Jokes, critical movies, condescending
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