Arab Disunity Essay

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How far do you agree that the most important reasons for Arab disunity in the years 1945-79 was the self-interest of individual Arab states? Arab disunity | Other | * Arab Israeli wars:-1948 Egypt and Jordan used the war to gain land-1956 Nasser wanted more power-1967 Syria and Lebanon didn’t join the Arab forces-Camp David Egypt were kicked out-Balance could be that they all had a common cause to help Palestine * Iranian revolution-Iran Iraq war * Palestine (PLO)-desire to create the state of Palestine-Lebanese civil war | * Religious differences-Lebanese civil war-Sunni and Shai Muslims * Islamic fundamentalism-Iranian revolution * Western involvement-Camp David * The creation of Israel | the Arab disunity was caused by different factors between the years 1945-79. The self-interest of individual Arab states caused alot of diunity between the Arabs but it wasn't thw only reason. Religious differences and western involvement also created disunity amonst the Arabs. The self-interest of individual Arab states was a major role in the causing of Arab disunity. During the 1948 arab-Israeli war Egypt and Jordan used the war to gain the west bank and the Gaza strip. The Arab forces were unorganized and failed to acheive their goal of the destruction of Israel but Egypt and Jordan were successful in gaining the west bank and Gaza strip. This shows us that Egypt and Jordan wasn’t worried about defeating Israel as long as they gained land, which shows us that Egypt and Jordan were not unified with the other Arab forces. In the 1956 Suez crisis Nasser, thw leader of Egypt was only after more power and he didn't think of how his actions would affect the rest of the stab states, which shows us that the self-interest of an Arab state caused disunity amongst the Arabs. During the 1967 arab-Israeli war Syria and Lebanon didn't send troops to help the Arab army
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