Arab American Stereotypes Essay

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Arabs are usually manifested to be savages in the media, literature, and even in theater. There are many instances where in cartoons portray them as cut throats in movies such as “The Song of Love”, “A Café in Cairo”, and “The Desert Bride”. Negative stereotypes’ are everywhere; they blur our vision and corrupt our view of others. Grown up for an Arab in America might’ve been very difficult but, Arab Muslims are fanatics who believe in a different god, who don't value human life as much as we do, they are intent on destroying us with their oil or with their terrorism; the men seek to abduct and brutally seduce our women; they are without family and reside in a primitive place and behave like primitive beings. The women are subservient resembling black crows or we see them portrayed as mute, somewhat…show more content…
I remember in the media there where daily attacks on Arab businesses, homes, Mosses and people were even assaulted. Arabs have been targeted since the 15th century. Arab Americans have experienced backlash as result of many terrorist attacks, including events where Arabs were not involved, like the Oklahoma City bombing, the Iranian hostage crisis, and the explosion of TWA Flight 800. In Israel Arabs are hated even more During the latter part of the October 2000 events, thousands of Jewish Israelis rioted in Nazareth and Tel Aviv, throwing stones at Arabs, destroying Arab property and chanting "Death to Arabs". There are even laws and organizations that outlaw Arab. One policy in called the Lieberman Plan. This document was planed to redraw Israel's borders so that Israeli Arabs would be outside them, and under the jurisdiction of a future Palestinian State. Some Israeli politicians and leaders have used negative language when discussing Arabs; they were labeled as worms, murders, and terrorist. It hurts to hear and see such hate crimes go in
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