Aquatic Physical Therapy Research Paper

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Running Head: AQUATIC THERAPY TECHNOLOGY Aquatic physical therapy and today’s technology name institutes name Aquatic physical therapy and today’s technology Aquatic Therapy is physical therapy in an aquatic environment by a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant. It is designed to improve stability and flexibility among other things. There are several new devices in technology that help to achieve the goals a physical therapist is trying to reach with patients. An underwater treadmill, an underwater monitoring system, and a counter current pool, are all examples of this technology and ways computers help in the field of physical therapy. Aquatic therapy facts The physical properties of aquatics…show more content…
The underwater cameras project the image on to flat screen monitors at the front of the pool. This allows patients to make real time adjustments. A front view and side view are also available for the monitors. This feature is great for gaining form and function in rehabilitation. In addition to the under water monitoring system, a swimometer is also available. First the swimometer provides a digital number readout of water speed. Second it is equipped with a timed mode that shuts off the pool when the time expires. The custom mode allows the ability to program and save up to nine intervals of time and water speed to enhance rehabilitation. Finally it gives you the ability to set the pool to automatically get the water flow to your desired speed with the quick start…show more content…
This enables therapists to design specific rehabilitation for specific patients. They are equipped with a programmable monitors, the monitor also allows therapists to create and save programs to a patients specific needs. These treadmills sometimes have a speed indicator and removable handrails for extra support. Some of the benefits of these treadmills are that they reduce blood pressure, promote early range of motion, and reduce joint stiffness. In addition to reduction in joint stiffness they also increase flexibility and tone muscle. There are three different versions of the underwater treadmill. The aquagaiter underwater treadmill is an underwater treadmill system that combines traditional treadmill training and the properties for rehabilitation with reduced impact and stress on the joints. This system is not built into the pool. It is easily installed in any swimming or lap pool. It is equipped with a large digital wall display that shows speed, time and distance. Beyond that it includes pneumatic speed control. This model is the least expensive underwater treadmill and can be purchased for at home

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