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Aqualisa Quartz Case September 9 2012 “Plumbing hasn’t changed since Roman times.” The opening quote by Aqualisa sales manager Tim Pestall is appropriate in that although newly built houses are now built with high pressure systems, the rich and long history of UK homes shows that many do not expect much from their “archaic” plumbing setups and may be used for a not so comfortable bathing experience. Henry Rawlinson and teams’ in-depth thinking and analyses of data is set to change the standard expectation of taking a shower. The Quartz shows lots of value to both plumbers and consumers. Pointing out the difference in what is expected in a European or British plumber is imperative in that their reputation and perceived capabilities are much higher than that of an American plumber. Plumbing and any other similar trade there is usually selected while still in adolescence and requires great experience and qualifications to practice. British consumers trust what they are told and are recommended to go with, because of this, and it reflects in Exhibit 4. 73% of mixer showers purchased are somehow influenced by a plumber’s recommendation. This means that whatever strategy is chosen will have to personally inform, and demonstrate functionality to master plumbers nationwide. Plumbers don’t usually have to sell a product but merely recommend and suggest based on what they know about their customer. This works for them because they, along with the customer want limited future problems which take customer time and usually a free repair on the plumber’s part. The relatively high cost of the feature-loaded Quartz model can also be an opportunity for a common plumber to ask for a higher dollar amount of markup. That being said, the “conservative nature” of plumbers make them weary of innovation and will be a major obstacle in gaining market entry. The research

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