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Situation Overview Aqualisa is a United Kingdom shower manufacturer with a strong reputation in the shower market. The company developed the most innovative shower in recent history known as the Quartz shower for its premium Aqualisa brand. The Aqualisa Quartz was supposed to take advantage of a growing market of showers in the United Kingdom. The Quartz is stylish, easy to use and reliable. Aqualisa is finding it difficult to identify its target market and adequately promote its new product, which is leading to poor performance of the Quartz in the shower market. Aqualisa is looking for a marketing strategy that would help generate sales momentum for the Aqualisa Quartz. Value Proposition to Plumbers and Customers Plumbers Quartz’s value proposition to plumbers is that it is easier and faster to install. No bathroom excavation is required for installation, plumbers just have to ‘push- fit and connect’ and it takes half a day to install as opposed to 2 days with the traditional shower. A faster installation time means an increase in the amount of jobs plumbers complete in a year. According to the case, plumbers install 40 to 50 showers a year and each installation takes 2 days to complete. With Aqualisa’s new Quartz Shower, installation would be done in half a day which could possibly increase profitability by allowing plumbers to complete 4 jobs over the course of 2 days. The faster installation time would translate to 160 to 200 potential installations per year. Customers The results of the market research conducted by Aqualisa showed that customers did not like the showers available on the market, they wanted showers that were visually appealing, easier to use, have the desired water pressure and featured better temperature controls. Therefore, the value proposition of the Quartz to customers is that it delivers a stylish, easy to use one touch control

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