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Problem Aqualisa has invested €5.8 million to develop a breakthrough product, the Quartz shower that positions itself superiorly in terms of quality, technology, design and ease of installation. Since it is not selling well, Aqualisa is now looking for a marketing strategy to generate sales momentum for Aqualisa Quartz. Marketing strategy articulating the Quartz value proposition so that plumbers cannot resist and generating pull from consumers. Quartz has to overcome plumbers’ predisposition to stick with what they know. That means giving them a convincing – and hence soundly economic – rationale for change. Aqualisa’s marketing effort has to date focused on the fact of Quartz’s ease of installation, which can save up to 75% of standard installation time. Yet the company does not seem to have developed the unanswerable logic that this will enable plumbers to make more money. Aqualisa needs to show plumbers why it is in their interests to recommend and install Quartz. By improving the customer offering, Quartz has the potential to move customers along the VEL for shower units, improving margins for Aqualisa, without increasing overall costs of installing a shower for consumers Aqualisa also needs to build on anecdotal experience which suggests that consumers can be effective in influencing change-resistant plumbers. That means capitalizing on Quartz’s “wow” factor, generating pull from customers via the glossy magazines and the showrooms where many mid - and premium end customers go to get ideas, even if their subsequent intention is to source a shower via their plumber. So what should Aqualisa do? Aqualisa needs to deploy a combination of push strategies, designed to educate plumbers and the trade shops that supply them of the compelling value proposition that Quartz represents. And at the same time, it

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