Aquaculture Feasibility Study Essay

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| |Aquaculture Feasibility Study | |Project Proposal | | Introduction What is Aquaculture? Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms, such as fish, shellfish and plants. “Aquaculture represents the most efficient and sustainable way to guarantee that there is enough protein to feed a world whose population is increasing,” explains Arne Sorvig director of the Council of Sea Products in Norway (Arne Sorvig, 2006). The term aquaculture refers to the cultivation of marine and fresh water species. Aquaculture can range from land based production to open ocean production. Why is it necessary? Aquaculture is needed to satisfy the global demand for fish. In 2006 approximately 43% of all fish consumed in the world came from fish farms. At that point 45.5 million tons of fish each year was mass produced. (Arne Sorvig, 2006) Benefits and Problems There are many benefits to aquaculture. Aquaculture can help to assist in the increasing demand for seafood while making sure that the existing fisheries remain sustainable and consistent. Aquaculture is also good for the economy; however it also comes with its own problems and difficulties. Why is my animal being considered? There has recently been a world-wide decline in the natural production of wild scallops; this has resulted in the growth or scallop aquaculture. Scallop aquaculture is considered to be a sustainable practice that has a positive effect on ecosystems. This is the result of unwanted bacteria and viruses

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