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AP REVIEW SHEET Important Happenings 8000 BCE. – 600CE SETTLING DOWN & CREATION OF CIVILIZATIONS Nomads to Pastoral Societies-Early humans traveled in nomadic groups of a few dozen hunter-gatherers. -formed around kinship and were fairly self-sufficient. -Exchanged ideas, valuable possessions, and mates with each other. Neolithic / Agricultural Revolution – Discovery of agriculture from experimenting with seeds -Used slash and burn technique and eventually learned about the breeding of animals. River Valley Civilizations * Mesopotamia (Tigris & Euphrates) * Sumer-Population of 100,000 * –People built temples, public buildings, defensive walls, and irrigation systems. * –By 3000 bce the cities had kings with absolute authority, each ruling his own city-state. * Babylon- * Hammurabi-One of the most famous emperors of Mesopotamia. * -ruled from 1792-1750bce. * Used central bureaucracy and regular taxation to aid in ruling his empire. * -Most famous for his legal code of laws with three principles (Eye for an eye, lower social standing=more punishment, government had a responsibility to its citizens.) * Ancient Egypt (Nile River) * Nile River gave Egypt the life blood of its civilizations. Around 5000 bce, experimentation with agriculture began in this area. * People learned to plant crops after flooding receded. * By 4000bce, villages developed irrigation systems * These Polytheistic Egyptians believed that the gods judged our life and that if found worthy, your spirit lived on in afterlife, which led to the mummification and these elaborate tombs like pyramids. * Hieroglyphics formed as their own written language made up of pictographs. * Indus Valley (Indus River- India) * Harappa * Polytheism *

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