Apwh Ch 20-22 Study Guide

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APWH Ch. 20-22 Test Review Ch. 20 1. In the late 1200s, Marco Polo visited the court of A. Khubilai Khan B. Chaghatai Khan C. Chinggis Khan D. Hung Wu 2. In 962 C.E., Pope John XII presented the imperial crown to A. Charlemagne B. Hugh Capet C. Otto of Saxony D. William of Normandy 3. In the High Middle Ages, the state that seemed to have the most potential to re-create centralized, imperial rule was A. France B. Spain C. The Holy Roman Empire D. England 4. The single biggest obstacle to the rise of a powerful Holy Roman Empire was A. Continual invasions by the French B. The reoccurring appearance of epidemic diseases C. Occasional invasions from the Huns D. An ongoing conflict with the papacy 5. The quip that the Holy Roman Empire was, "neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire," is attributed to A. Voltaire B. Pope Gregory VII C. William of Normandy D. Hugh Capet 6. In 987, the French nobles chose which of the following men as their king? A. William of Normandy B. Frederick Barbarossa C. Hugh Capet D. Henry IV 18. The guilds of the High Middle Ages A. Were exclusively male B. Were designed to fight for better wages from the factory owners C. Almost always admitted women as members D. Were designed to fight against the increasing materialism of the age 19. Central to the philosophy of the High Middle Ages was the rediscovery of A. Socrates B. Hippocrates C. Virgil D. Aristotle 20. St. Thomas Aquinas A. Stressed the importance of an emotional, unquestioning devotion to God B. Founded the Dominicans C. Believed that it was possible to prove rationally that God exists D. Looked to the Cathars for inspiration 21. During the High Middle Ages, the most popular saint was A. St. Peter B. St. Dominic C. St. Francis D. The Virgin
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