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Table of Contents: Unit 1: Early Exploration and Colonization p. 1-5 Unit 2: The American Revolution and Confederation p. 6-10 Unit 3: The First Presidents p. 11-15 Unit 4: Coming of the Civil War p. 16-18 Unit 5: Civil War and Reconstruction p. 19-21 Unit 6: The West and the Industrial Revolution p. 22-23 Unit 7: Progressivism p. 24-26 Unit 8: Imperialism and WWI p. 27-28 Unit 9: Depression, New Deal, and WWII p. 29-30 Unit #1 Early Exploration Spain gained much power and wealth from New Spain, and the new empire was larger than any other. Charles V and Philip II increased taxes (on peasants) to keep up with ambitions and wars sparked by New World wealth. Spain was the first nation to attempt a town (San Miguel de Gualdlape). o Treaty of Tordesillas 1492: (Spain & Portuguel) set boundary of land ownership- later boundary changed to 1100 miles west of Canary Islands o Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain (King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella) 1492 after Portuguese did not want to take risk, initially thought he had found the East Indies o Ferdinand Magellan sailed for Spain in 1519/1520, discovered America was separate continent, sailed around the world o Vespucci confirms locations of lands such as Brazil to prove Spanish ownership. o Spain brought disease, firearms, horses, and vehicles to the new world/Indians; Spain discovered corn, potatoes, pineapple, and syphilis o Hernan Cortes marched into Mexico 1519-1545, took Montezuma (Aztec leader with gold) hostage o Spaniards also sent de Soto to probe North America. England financed most endeavors with investors instead of financial support from King/Queen. Roanoke sparks interest for success. England was initially less successful than

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