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APUSH Study Guide 1 Planting of English America, 1500-1733 Themes: After a late start, a proud, nationalistic England joined the colonial race and successfully established five colonies along the southeastern seacoast of North America. Although varying somewhat in origins and character, all these colonies exhibited plantation agriculture, indentured and slave labor, a tendency toward strong economic and social hierarchies, and a pattern of widely scattered, institutionally weak settlement. The early southern colonies’ encounters with Indians and African slaves established the patterns of race relations that would shape the North American experience—in particular, warfare, and reservations for the Indians and lifelong slave codes for the African-Americans. Terms/names/topics: King Henry VIII English Protestant Revolution Queen Elizabeth Irish Catholics Protestant landlords from Scotland and England Francis Drake—“sea dogs” Sir Humphrey Gilbert 1583 Sir Walter Raleigh 1585 Roanoke colony, Virginia Philip II of Spain “Invincible Armada” Spanish Netherlands English national spirit Treaty of Paris, 1604 Puritanism Laws of primogeniture Joint-stock company 1600s Virginia Company of London, 1606 Charter of the Virginia Company Jamestown, Virginia, 1607 Captain John Smith Chief Powhatan Pocahontas “starving time” Lord De La Warr Powhatan’s Confederacy Seeds of the North American slave system 1619 House of Burgesses, 1619 “seminary of sedition” 1624 revoke of Charter Royal Colony Lord Baltimore Maryland, 1634 Catholic haven “white indentured servants” Maryland Act of Toleration, 1649 Sugar rich man’s crop Barbados slave code of 1661 English Civil Wars, 1640s Charles I Oliver Cromwell Charles II Restoration period Carolina, 1670 Indian slave trade Maryland Quakers “sickle-cell anemia”

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