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Kelly Santos 6/5/11 APUSH Research Assignment Mr.Brogan APUSH Research Assignment Outline Thesis: Throughout America’s history, there had been many notable gangsters who use exploitation and feat to run crime in major cities such as Chicago and New York. Many of them were most prominent during the times of the great depression and prohibition. These criminals rarely got caught since they never actually got their hands dirty. They lived among the common people and this caused them to stay hidden. They also helped people in a positive way to make it seem that they were good people. Media has also affected their image through mainstream television and film. Body Paragraph 1: One of the most prominent gangsters during the great depression was Al Capone. He was known for using the exploitation in the collapse of law during the prohibition era. He took advantage of the prohibition to make millions off of smuggling and bootlegging liquor into Chicago and other states. Al Capone used many different ways to eliminate enemies which always included a positive alibi. This caused him to get away with murder while living the high life. Capone also had an organized spy network that gave him information on any plots against him. This caused him to be one step ahead of everyone. Capone was finally found guilty on June 16, 1931 due to tax evasion. He was then sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. After he was released he was diagnosed with syphilis dementia and later died on January 25, 1947. Body Paragraph 2: Bonnie and Clyde was a well known criminal couple who went on a two-year crime spree during the Great Depression. During this time the public opinion of the government was negative so they used this to their advantage to get what they want. They were suspects of many different crimes from murder, robbery, and kidnapping. As their crime spree
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