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Period 1 APUSH 3/10/13 Progressive Era DBQ Some people involved in the Progressive Era were middle class women, factory workers, and even immigrant workers. There were many demands by them and other during this period. They demanded things like stricter business regulation, protection and improvement of workers’ rights, reform of the government, etc. Jane Adams, for example, was one reformer who believed that the individual well being depends on the well being of others, so the middle class should help the lower class. She advocated better factory and slum conditions. Another example is Muckrakers, who wrote articles exposing urban political corruption and wrote about the worst aspects of American life; Ida Tarbell is an example of a Muckraker. These reformers and other people wanted to improve certain parts of America, and they were successful. The Progressive Era reformers and the federal government were both fairly successful in bringing out reform at a national level because they ultimately helped the U.S. economy, looked out for the interests of the people, and engaged in political reformation that made the system more democratic. The reformers and federal government helped America economically by successfully creating reforms on a national level. Theodore Roosevelt is an example of a president during the Progressive Era. Roosevelt expanded the role of presidency in order to help the people in the country. He was considered to be an active president and a loose constructionist, who went beyond his role as a president. During his administration, congress took a back seat. He was known as the “Trust Buster,” because he broke up many trusts that weren’t beneficial to the country (Doc. A). He got this nickname from the court case United States v. Northern Securities Company. J.P. Morgan and his companies owned a lot of railroads in the
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