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1. British Government: * Concerned itself with colonies in unprecedented ways, hoping to make British rules more efficient to help pay for the war. * Nearly all British political leaders agreed to this law. Britons felt Americans should be grateful to Britain. * Fighting this war cost banks and investors trillions of dollars and the debt absorbed half of the gov’t annual revenue. * Left Britain an enormous debt and enlarged overseas possessions to defend, and led successive gov’t in London to find ways to make the colonies share the cost of empire. * Tax was unprecedented high. * Colonists felt that since they were not represented at the meetings in Britain that they should not be taxed. * Colonists were alarmed…show more content…
5. Three major ways Constitution addressed Slavery: * Slave Trade clause: allowed a commerce condemned by society to continue until 1808. January 1, 1808 first day congress was allowed under the constitution to prohibit further importation of slaves. Some 170,000 Africans were brought to the new states as slaves and South Carolina and Georgia imported 100,000 to mainland North America. * Fugitive Slave clause: Slave laws “extraterritoriality”- condition of bondage remained attached to a person even if he or she escaped to a state where slavery is abolished. Jon Jay wrote he missed the free of air of America. All states in America, needed to recognize and help police the institution of slavery because they wanted slaves to feel that they were not free in America. For slaves, there was no “free air” in America. * Three-fifths clause: Allowed white in South to exercise greater power in national affairs than the size of free population warranted. Greatly enhanced number of southern votes in the House of Representatives and therefore in electors for each state was determined by adding together its number of senators. There was a threat buried in the Constitution regarding Slaves fighting in wars and could abolish slavery as a
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