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FRQ During the time period from 1740 to 1766 many important things happened that affected the relations between Britain and the American colonies. One of the most important events was the French and Indian War which, in many ways, changed those relations. The French and Indian war politically, economically, and ideologically affected the relations the American colonies had with Britain. Economically, the British started to tax the American colonies, which led to the change in political and ideological relations between the Colonies and the British. Economically, the French and Indian war had a major toll in the economy of both the Colonies and Britain which affected the relationship they had. After the French and Indian war, the British were in debt and began to tax the colonies mercilessly. Prior to the war, the colonies taxed themselves within their own townships and local government. However, the British sent reinforcements and money to help the colonies, so the British felt it was their right to tax the colonies to get some of the money they had wasted defending the colonies back. The British Parliament passed laws designed to tax the colonists and mercantilism was enforced greatly. The Navigation Laws were reinforced in 1763 by Prime Minister George Greenville in an effort to enforce mercantilism in the colonies after the French and Indian war the laws only allowed the colonies to trade with Britain. The securement of the Navigation Laws also secured the Sugar Act of 1764 which increased the duty on foreign sugar imported from the West Indies. This law was the first to be passed by Parliament that raised the tax revenue in the colonies for England. These laws only led to smuggling in the new world with the West Indies. The smuggling occurred because the colonies themselves were struggling economically and couldn’t afford to pay the prices the British

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