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Essay Response “Compare and contrast the views and actions of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton while they were members of the President's cabinet.” by Courtney L. Matthies APUSH Grade12 Hour 1 During their term on the President's cabinet, both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had similar points of view and yet their views were vastly differential. During their terms, the two were constantly butting heads with one another to change things they both agreed needed to be fixed, however, they wanted to approach changing these things with different strategies. For example, Alexander Hamilton wanted to create a National Bank, which is a commercial bank chartered under the federal government and belonging to the Federal Reserve System. What it did was it absorbed the debt of the several states, which would help to unify the country and solidify federal government, it controlled economic policy, and it would pay the bond debts incurred to Continental veterans. Jefferson, however, argued that since the Constitution didn't state that it would allow a National Bank, it shouldn't be created. This is one example of how Hamilton and Jefferson felt that something should be changed, however, show differences in their opinions as to how to fix the problem. Another strong difference Hamilton and Jefferson have is their view on form of government. Alexander Hamilton is a strong Federalist, in which believed in strong government, similar to today's Democrats, while Thomas Jefferson was a strong Anti-Federalist, meaning he was against big government, which is like today's Republicans. This, again, indicates another example of how these two are so similar in views of things to change in government, however, have different visions on how to improve those things. Not only did Hamilton and Jefferson go against one another when it came to that, but they also had

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