Apush Chapter 4 Essay

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1. Read the books preface. 2. U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 ordered desegregation of all public schools receiving federal aid. Matthew and Mae Bertha Carter – The Parents John Caesar “JC” and Matthew “Man” – 2 oldest sons Ruth, 16 – 11th grade & Larry, 15 -10th grade – attend Drew High School Stanley, 13 – 8th grade & Gloria, 12 – 7th grade – attend Junior High Classes at Drew High School Paul, 11 -5th grade & Beverly, 9 – 3rd grade & Deborah, 6 – 1st grade – attend A.W. James Elementary School 3. To comply with the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 many southern school districts drew up “Freedom of Choice” plans that supposedly permitted all parents black and white to send their children to the schools of their choice. It was a hoax by people who assumed that black would never send their children…show more content…
Amzie Moore was a young black business man that the NAACP elected as their president in 1951. He helped bring civil rights workers to the delta. 8. segregation of public schools was unconstitutional 9. NAACP’s first MS Field secretary - encouraged NAACP membership drives and organization in the community. Was gunned down outside his home. 10. SNCC – Student NonViolent Coordinating Committee: was a young peoples civil rights group born out of the sit-ins and other non-violent demonstrations. COFO – Council of Federated Organizations: This was the alliance of the SNCC and CORE “Congress of Racial Equality” 11. The MS Freedom Democrat party had been formed in 1964 to challenge the MS Democrat party over its lack of black representation. 12. Naomi Carter held workshops about non-violent demonstrations as well as being active in the struggle for civil rights and participating in voter registration drives. 13. The law prohibited discriminatory practices that had been long used to keep blacks from registering to vote. It also allowed the US Attorney General to send federal registrars into counties with a history of such discrimination to allow people to
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