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CHAPTER 13: MANIFEST DESTINY, 1836-1847 I. POLITICAL PARTIES IN CRISIS A) Henry Clay led the Whig Party’s founding in the 1830’s and the basis of the party was a hatred for Jackson and his policies. B) They supported the American Plan: new national bank, enactment of a strong protective tariff, and aggressive internal improvements. C) Van Buren, of the old Democratic Party, won the election of 1836 narrowly b/c the new Whigs were too unorganized. D) The Panic of 1837 will greet Van Buren when he enters office, a result from the poor economic conditions Jackson’s bank war had on the country. II. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI WEST A) Manifest Destiny became a popular belief in the…show more content…
Harrison ran a “grassroots” campaign reminding Americans of simpler, better days from the log cabin era. He also ran on his military background, thus the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” became the campaign motto. Harrison will win a very narrow election (narrow only in popular votes; he dominated in the electoral college voting). However, the Whigs celebration was short-lived. Harrison will obtain pneumonia at his inauguration speech and die 3 months later (he was the first president to die in office). His vice president, John Tyler, will replace him. Tyler will revert back to his old democratic days and oppose the American System, favor slavery, favor annexation of Texas, and use his full power to enforce laws. He was a strong advocate of states’ rights. But b/c he went against his former party, the Whigs, and he was not elected as a democrat he became a president without a party. He had very little support of his cabinet or Congress yet he still pushed for major issues. The most important was the annexation of Texas. However, mostly northerners and some southern congressmen will vote down the
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